Welcome, this has been long overdue!

Hello friends, my name is Fiona. I have been blogging about my journey towards an ethical lifestyle since 2011. At the time my blog was called CrueltyFreeMalta.com

My blog was a guide to help others live a cruelty-free lifestyle in my home country, i.e a lifestyle without the use of products from brands that support animal testing, in Malta.

Five years later, I moved to Germany to live with my husband. I still somehow blogged on the same topic. Slowly slowly it started to get difficult as I wasn’t fully in Malta anymore.

I kept the same name and started writing also about my cruelty-free lifestyle in Germany. However, eventually, it didn’t make sense to me. It felt strange to have Malta on my blog’s name when I am sharing content about Germany.

After the blog reached 10 years I got pregnant and took it as an opportunity to take a new path.

So here I am today, a mummy to a sweet boy called Peter, sharing her journey to a more ethical lifestyle.

About A Mindful Mum

As I just mentioned, through this blog I plan to share my journey to a more ethical lifestyle.

Although I decided to start a new blog with a new name, AMindfulMum.eu will be a continuation and an upgrade of CrueltyFreeMalta.com

I didn’t use the word ethical in the name as it would force me to live 100% ethically. As far as I know one can never be 100% but one can try to be close.

I will still prioritise cruelty-free brands when relevant as I have a lot of knowledge on the subject which would be a shame to waste, but I will also include brands and tips that fall under other ethical labels.

What will happen to CrueltyFreeMalta.com?

My old blog will still be accessible. However, I will move and update some of its posts to this blog. As soon as I have all the posts that I wish to keep from the old blog on the new blog, the old blog will then be deactivated. However, this might take some years!

I hope you will find my new blog as helpful if not more helpful than my old one. If you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions, please drop me a line by email or on social media.